Save the Daniel C. Munro Monument (Completed)

This 124 year old family artifact faced the threat of removal due to a dire need of restoration due to its declining and hazardous condition but you can help support its renovation. Squire Munro descendants raised the money and it is now undergoing repair. The progress is slow due to the complexities of finding the best solution to build a new custom internal structure.

About the Monument 

Priceless for its historical information about the early Munro family, the Daniel Coman Munro monument is both a beautiful landmark as well as a piece of art.  To learn about Daniel Coman Munro and his legacy, please click here.

  • Date of Origin:  April 25, 1893
  • Location:  Elbridge Rural Cemetery, Elbridge, NY (show photo)
  • Monument Height: over 15 feet tall
  • Materials:  Outer metallic covering of zinc and an internal supporting framework of a ferrous material
  • Design:  Genealogical information is stamped into its surface along with beautiful artistic styling
  • Problem:  The internal framework has deteriorated causing the monument to settle and leaning precariously and is in danger of collapsing. Its unique construction makes it too expensive for repairs to made via public grant funding.

Restoration Plan

  • Disassemble the cast monument and remove damaged base.
  • Build steel frame, heat and reshape base, weld to new frame.
  • Reassemble monument.
  • A new foundation will be added before reassembly.

Repair was performed by Barnett Memorials, Elbridge, NY