Salt Springs Bank of Syracuse $20 Bill

David Munro (1784-1866) was pictured on the $20 bill issued by the Salt Springs National Bank of Syracuse. The Salt Springs Bank opened in the Empire House on the south side of Syracuse, NY on Monday, April 5, 1852. The new […]

Descendant Count by Family Branch

This chart shows the number of descendants currently known in each of the seven branches of the family, as of August 1, 2017: Betsey — 1783 John — 952 David — 1455 Hannah — 37 Nathan — 422 Mary — […]

Births by Decade

This chart shows the number of Squire Munro Descendants born (or adopted) during each decade from 1770-2010. In addition to the number represented here, we have about 3,365 individuals with unknown birth dates who are not represented on the chart. [custom_table style=”1″] […]

Green Gate Inn Burns

On January 16, 2015, the Green Gate Inn in Camillus, NY caught fire and burned for 2 hours until firefighters could put it out. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. It is still unknown if the building can be […]

Squire Munro’s Birth Anniversary

Today is the 256 anniversary of the birth of Squire Munro (1758-1835), the progenitor of the Onondaga County, NY Munro family and the focal subject of the genealogy project for which this site is dedicated. On June 27, 1758 at […]

Surname Report

There are 902 unique surnames represented in the current list of 5,178 Squire Munro Descendants. These are listed below along with the number of individuals represented by each name. Note that this does not include maiden names and the names of husbands who […]

Represented Countries

Our family is worldwide! Of all known Squire Munro Descendants (including spouses and adoptions), there has been a birth, death or burial of one or more in forty three countries. See the entire list by clicking here.