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The Squire Munro Project is a long term genealogical research endeavor being undertaken by volunteers to honor our ancestors, get to know distant relatives and study a personal slice of American history.

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In addition to uniting the branches of the family, the ultimate goal is to research, write, publish and maintain two books:

  • A comprehensive genealogical record of the family, including names, dates and locations of births, marriages and deaths (this may be broken up into separate volumes due to the amount of material).
  • A compelling family history book on the origins of the family, the life of Munro individuals in early America, the life of Squire Munro (Manro) (1758-1835) and selected stories from among his descendants leading up to the present day.





In order to write these books and establish a lasting legacy that preserves our common heritage, many smaller research collection projects are underway to gather and organize material and to unite the separate branches of the extended family.

The following list with rough progress indicators shows the various steps we have planned to achieve the overall goals stated above:

Gather Material

We need to search for, organize and in some case transcribe material on the early history of the family in Scotland, early America and during Squire’s life. Also, making contact with distant relatives living today will help us to get the family tree updated to the present day.

[skill percentage=”60″ title=”Information about the Munro family in Scotland”]

[skill percentage=”75″ title=”Information about Squire Munro’s ancestors in America (four generations)”]

[skill percentage=”60″ title=”Information about the Squire Munro’s life”]

[skill percentage=”90″ title=”Information about the Squire Munro’s descendants”]

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Extract Events Into Timeline

Once enough material is transcribed, we will extract events into a timeline.

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Create Research Collections

In order to tell the story of our family, we need to know more about their lives. The biographical material in obituaries, letters, journals and other sources are invaluable, giving us a more vivid picture of their lives. However, to be effective, we first must collect, transcribe and organize this material into research collections which can then be more easily read and manipulated to organize and write the history of the family.

[skill percentage=”100″ title=”Reunion Articles (version 1 completed: 2013)”]

[skill percentage=”100″ title=”Complete Name Index for Among the Hills of Camillus (version 1 completed: 2013)”]

[skill percentage=”85″ title=”Obituaries”]

[skill percentage=”30″ title=”Marriage Announcements”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Deeds — Volunteers Needed!”]

[skill percentage=”10″ title=”Letters — Volunteers Needed!”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Journals— Volunteers Needed!”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Squire Munro Descendant Timeline”]

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Create a Genealogy Database of Squire Munro Descendants

Continuing the work begun by our ancestors in 1876 at the first Munro(Manro) Family Reunion, we are working diligently to compile a comprehensive, updated and well sourced record of every Squire Munro Descendant.

[skill percentage=”75″ title=”Compile data from obituaries, articles, genealogies and vital records”]

[skill percentage=”25″ title=”Improve source citations”]

[skill percentage=”5″ title=”Contact living relatives to confirm modern branches — Volunteers Needed!”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Create registry of Squire Munro Descendants to keep in touch”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Organize semi-regular family reunions in Central New York”]

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Once we have organized all of the raw material into an organized format, then we can begin writing the actual history of the family and compiling biographies of individuals.

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”History of the Munro family in Scotland”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”History of the Squire’s ancestors in America (four generations)”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”History of the Squire’s life”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Biographies of the Squire’s children and grandchildren”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Biographies of additional generations”]

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A genealogy project is never really complete, even after we research, write and publish the family history book. We hope to recruit future genealogists in the family and establish some sort of ongoing digital format that can be passed down for easier updating. We also hope to re-establish large family reunions in Central New York on a semi-annual basis.

[skill percentage=”5″ title=”Create physical and digital archive of material pertaining to Squire Munro & descendants”]

[skill percentage=”0″ title=”Create digital succession plan to ensure the continuity of this project for future generations”]

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