Newspaper Death Notices of the
Squire Munro Descendants

Squire Munro Research Collection #3
Compiled by: John Paul Munro & Mark Conway Munro
Publication Date: To Be Announced
Pages: Unknown
Status: Pending

A book of nothing but obituaries might at first seem somewhat morbid. However, unlike the short and simple fact-based reports of death we might be accustomed to in our modern newspapers, many historic obituaries contain elaborate historical sketches and provided a broad window into the lives of our ancestors, conveying a more vivid glimpse of a life than can be gleaned from a simple recitation of names, dates, and locations. From a genealogical perspective, obituaries are gold mines as a source of information about the person’s life and death. In addition to learning more about the person who died, we can often learn the names of an unknown spouse and child as well as previously unknown dates of birth, marriage and death. They may also contain information about career, interests, community activity, and the locations the deceased called home during their lifetime. Sometimes, they even contain inspirational accounts of how well an individual faced his or her end.

Containing thousands of transcribed obituaries for almost two-thousand Squire Munro Descendants with almost 800 different surnames, whose deaths span five continents, this collection is an invaluable resource for descendants of the Onondaga County, NY Munro family.