Daniel C. Munro Repair in Progress!

Last year we started a fundraising campaign started which has now successfully raised the $5,000 required to dismantle, repair and restore the priceless Daniel Coman Munro genealogical monument in Elbridge Rural Cemetery (Elbridge, New York). The monument has been removed from […]

Matching Contribution to Save the Monument!

To help us reach our full goal of raising $5,000 to save the Daniel Coman Munro monument in the Elbridge Rural Cemetery, the Squire Munro Project co-managers will match contributions up to $600. Each side of the beautiful metal monument is […]

Save the Daniel C. Munro Monument

We have begun a campaign to save a 124 year old family artifact located at the Elbridge Rural Cemetery that is facing the threat of removal and in dire need of restoration due to its declining and hazardous condition but you […]

Project Anniversary

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Squire Munro Project and the 140th anniversary of the Munro Family Genealogy work. On March 1, 2006 Mark Conway Munro started this project which was a reboot of the original genealogical efforts that began in October 1876 […]

Munro Family Bibles

Two family bibles are known to still exist and have been handed down through one of Squire’s sibling’s line. Inside of these was written various details about the family; births, marriages and deaths. View

Green Gate Inn Burns

On January 16, 2015, the Green Gate Inn in Camillus, NY caught fire and burned for 2 hours until firefighters could put it out. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. It is still unknown if the building can be […]

Get Involved

Are ready to “dig in” and help advance our genealogical research? Don’t worry, there is no actual digging involved; in fact, you won’t even get your hands dirty. There are many ways that you can help without even leaving the […]

Project Newsletter

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Betty Munro Watercolor Art Exhibit

On July 16th, the Onondaga Historical Society will open an exhibit featuring the watercolors of the late Betty Munro (1919-2013), spouse of  the late John Willoughby Munro (1905-2003), a Squire Munro Descendant. Read more in this syracuse.com article.  

“Hills” Name Index

[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Complete Name Index for Mary Ellis Maxwell’s Among the Hills of Camillus”] Compiled by: Mark Conway Munro Series Number: Squire Munro Research Collection #2 Publication Date: 2013 Pages: 26 This book is a complete name index for the 1999 […]