Matching Contribution to Save the Monument!

To help us reach our full goal of raising $5,000 to save the Daniel Coman Munro monument in the Elbridge Rural Cemetery, the Squire Munro Project co-managers will match contributions up to $600.

Each side of the beautiful metal monument is stamped with a genealogical record, tracing the line from Squire Munro to Daniel Coman Munro and family. It stands beacon to future generations about Squire Munro and his descendants.

As you are probably already aware, the monument at Elbridge Cemetery is buckling and beginning to lean. The internal framework has deteriorated causing the monument to settle and leaning precariously and is in danger of collapsing. It’s foundation is also lacking and beginning to sink into the ground. The unique construction — an outer metallic covering of zinc and an internal supporting framework of a ferrous material — makes it too expensive for repairs to made via public grant funding.

Donation Update

Thanks to a recent wave of donations from several Squire Munro Descendants — including two very generous contributions by J. Richard Munro and Philip Conway Munro — we have raised 75% of the money needed to save the monument! Thanks to all of those who helped us get this far.

[box style=”1″]UPDATE: This fundraiser has now been completed![/box]

As of February 9, 2018 family and friends have donated:

[skill percentage=”75″ title=”$3,795 of $5,000 (75%)”]

However, we still need to raise about $1,200 more to begin working with Barnett Memorials in Elbridge, NY to disassemble and repair the internal structure of the monument.

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Matching Contribution

To help close this gap, if other family members donate $600 of the balance required, John Paul Munro and Mark Conway Munro will each contribute $300, bringing us to our final goal. So, please donate today![/teaser]


To learn more about the fundraiser and how to contribute by credit card:

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To send a check by mail instead, please contact me through this webform:

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