Happy New Year

We wish a happy and healthy New Year to every Squire Munro Descendant. In March 2022, we will celebrate our 16th year researching and organizing information about Squire Munro’s life, ancestry and descendants. To start the year, here is an update on our progress to date.

Known Descendants

The data available prior to our project start was about 500 names, mostly collected at the early Munro reunions (1876-1900) with some additions by various members in the 20th Century. The chart below shows our annual progress. In 2006, it was mostly work consolidating work of key members of key branches who expanded on the early data. After that, our research steadily contributed names and improved source citations.

Known Squire Munro Descendants by Project Year

To date, we have identified 8,659 descendants of Squire Munro. And that number doesn’t count all the spouses and parents of spouses we have also researched. In total, our database contains 19,090 individuals.


The bulk of our time over the last decade has been spent transcribing obituaries and marriage articles, then gleaning additional information and research leads from them. We have also started work transcribing deeds, letters, journals and more. Below is a summary of the work completed and material collected but waiting for transcription. This doesn’t include many items that have yet to be scanned and organized for transcription.

Newspaper Articles10?
Marriage Articles1,0904

In addition to the above, we have many dozens of books from which we need to scan, transcribe and organize excerpts. Efforts include scanning, researching and sharing material collected in the Philip Allen Munro DKE Colgate Scrapbook. Also, we have identified over 5,000 Facebook profiles of people we think are Squire Munro descendants. However, we have not attempted contact with most of them due to the need to develop some outreach material and make improvements to our website.


This project is entirely the effort of volunteers. Most of the work has been completed by John P. Munro and Mark C. Munro. Leslie Hoffman continues to be our only regular transcriber and this year Sara Mattson contributed by working on a few documents. Many others have helped in years past with a few articles as schedules allow. There is a lot of work that needs to be completed before we can hope to begin working on a comprehensive history of our family. If you or anyone in your family has an interest in volunteering to help out, please visit our Transcribing page.