About Daniel Coman Munro (1819-1893)

Daniel Coman Munro was born on May 10, 1819 in Elbridge, New York. He was one of thirteen children of John Munro (1781-1860) and was a grandson of Squire Munro (1758-1835). On October 13, 1841 he married Elvira Coman (1816-1897) and they had eight children together. Daniel died on April 25, 1893 in Elbridge. Elivra died on May 8, 1897. Both are buried in the Elbridge Rural Cemetery near the monument that Daniel had erected.

From Daniel’s obituary in the Syracuse Courier, Friday, May 12, 1893:

Daniel Munro was prevented from securing a liberal education by impaired health. He realized the value of an education and always deplored the loss of it. He was a careful and judicious reader of the current literature of the day. Religions and secular newsletters and the leading monthly magazines were abundant in the family. In politics he was a Democrat, his last public appearance was on election day when he voted for Cleveland. He was much [—] at his election. In religion he was a Baptist as his father and grandfather were. On the death of his father he was made deacon and served acceptably for 30 years. He was a trustee of the church, a teacher in the Sunday school and had served as superintendent. He was one of the few men who was always in his place on Sunday and who never shirked the duties incumbent upon Christian men. He gave to the Baptist Universalists to the mission cause, and liberally supported his denomination. The poor and needy were not turned away empty-handed. His giving was quiet and uncontentious but always hearty and generous. Daniel C. Munro may not rank among the great men of his age but he was a just man and never intentionally wounding the feeling [—].

He married Elvira Coman at Cummington Mass. 52 years ago. Rev. Mr. Baldwin performing the ceremony. They came to New York State on their [—] journey by stage coach and began their housekeeping on the farm were he died. They celebrated their golden wedding [—] [—]. Besides his wife he leaves a daughter, Elvira, and three sons, Squire, Howard and Elmer all living in Elbridge, and seven grandchildren; Harry and Willis Hale sons of his daughter Czarina. Lillian Czarina Egbert and Maui. children of Squire and William, son of Elmer. He was always interested in the annual gathering of his family in June, and was for many years the president of then Munro reunion. He died Tuesday, April 25, and the funeral occurred Thursday at the Baptist Church, where a large audience had met to do honor to his memory.

His pastor Dr. Rogers, spoke from the words; “Well done good and faithful servant, etc.,” dwelling upon the two distinguishing traits in his character goodness and fidelity. The venerable and valued friend of the family Rev. Mr. Tagget of Syracuse paid an earnest tribute to the worth of the deceased in many relations of life and the organist, Mr. Howell Merriman, san with lauder expression and incomparable sweetness: “Ever Remembered by What He Has Done.”

This monument contains detailed genealogical information tracing from Squire Munro to Daniel Coman Munro. It would be a shame if it were lost. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small to help save this precious piece of history.